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Indian poetry has a long and rich history dating back to ancient times. Meghadutawritten by the great Indian poet Kalidasa as early as the 5th century, is regarded as a poetic masterpiece. Famous Indian poems of the medieval period include the Dohas of Rahim and Kabirwhich still remain hugely popular in India.

Due to the influence of the British, numerous works of modern Indian poetry are in English. The most renowned modern Indian poet is however Rabindranath Tagore. His best known poems include Chitto Jetha Bhayshunyo and Bharoto Bhagyo Bidhataboth of which were written in Bengali but were also translated to English.

Know more about Indian poetry through the 10 most famous poems by Indian poets. Poet: Sarojini Naidu. Published: Hyderabad is the capital city of the Indian state of Telangana and bazaar is a Hindi word for market. In the Bazaars of Hyderabad describes the social and cultural life of the city through the beautiful common scenes in its traditional markets.

The poem has a conversational tone. It is set in the form of questions and answers between the vendors and buyers in the market. To describe the bazaars, Naidu uses rich sensory images and a vibrant sense of touch, sound, smell, sight and taste. What do you weave, O ye flower-girls. With tassels of azure and red? Crowns for the brow of a bridegroom.

Six poems by India’s most reclusive English poet

Chaplets to garland his bed. Sheets of white blossoms new-garnered. To perfume the sleep of the dead. Poet: Kamala Das. This is an autobiographical poem which throws light on the life and work of Kamala Das.Faulkner further elaborated upon the importance of artwork over the artist in an interview with The Paris Review in The artist is of no importance.

Only what he creates is important. These My Wordsedited by Eunice de Souza and Melanie Silgardo, which could be otherwise daunting and inaccessible to common people, may be an exception.

Indian Culture Quotes

I am disconcerted sometimes by the colour of their socks the suspicion of a wig the wasp in the voice and an air, sometimes, of dankness. Best to meet in poems: cool speckled shells in which one hears a sad but distant sea. Poetry survives the poets because of its timeless and intrinsic value.

The magic that I had felt in the sound and energy of words in Rashmirathi stays with me till date. It was my first lesson in literature as well as in politics and diplomacy. I memorised the third canto by heart as I often read it. I still do. I have unsuccessfully tried to translate this work into English. The magic of native words is lost in translation; and therefore, verses from Rashmirathi do not find a place in the anthology of great Indian poems. For the similar reason of untranslatability, several other great poems could not fit into this anthology.

Editing Great Indian Poems has been a labour of love for me. This anthology includes poems from 28 Indian languages, viz. The canvas of this collection strives to cover over years of Indian poetry. Interestingly, along with many well-known names, some poets whose great poems are included in the anthology are virtually unknown even in poetry circles.

Poems included in this anthology have shades of all rasas which roughly translates as flavours including erotic, comic, heroic, horrific among other strains and cover almost all traditions of Indian poetry including bhakti poetry. My purpose of editing Great Indian Poems is to take great Indian poems to the world. What makes a poem great? Is there a standard definition of a great poem?It is not exotic.

The concerns are particular, yet often universal. This collection is intended to be inclusive, in order to introduce new readers to a broad range of poets. Last updated April The Institute of American Indian Arts, now in its 50th year, encourages its students to upend conventional expectations of Native American culture. Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library.

Newsletter Subscribe Give. Poetry Foundation. Back to Previous. Native American Poetry and Culture. A selection of poets, poems, and articles exploring the Native American experience. Sherman Alexie. Crisosto Apache. Tacey M. Shonto Begay. Esther Belin. Sherwin Bitsui. Kimberly Blaeser. Anishinaabe White Earth Chippewa Tribe. Beth Brant. Trevino L. Brings Plenty. Julian Talamantez Brolaski. Mescalero and Lipan Apache.

poems on indian culture

Joseph Bruchac. Diane Burns.When we talk about Indian English Literature, it is obvious to mention Indian English Poetry, since it is the oldest form. The typical and actual India is beautifully being carved and described by Indian poets who write in English.

A new form of English poetry had been discovered by Indian poets by using Indian culture, traditions, issues etc and made the world know about them. When British came to India, they brought their culture, language and religion along with them which resulted in the writers and poets trying their hands in this foreign language and they are famed as well as reputed till date.

Indian English differs from western or native English in a number of ways like theme, language, style of writing, imagery etc. But when a poet writes for foreign audiences, the Indian touch in the poem makes it worth reading. He was criticized for his writings were considered to be too western or it may be said that his poems contained the tint of Christianity. The characteristics of Indian poems cannot be defined but the Indianness remains a remarkable character in it.

Rabindra Nath Tagore used to write both in Bengali as well as English and translated his Bengali work into English himself.

The contemporary English poet, Nar Deo Sharmabecause of his literary achievements; is given an important place in this literature field. The Hindu tradition of cremation and the process of throwing the ashes into the river are depicted by A. Honesty and authenticity are the key things which make a poem successful and gain ample amount of audience. Here the poet used this type of English as a tool to create humour and satire.

It is easy for a true reader to differentiate between an Indian poet and a western counterpart since the essence of Indianness will remain in their writings. Jayanta Mahapatra is a prominent Indian writer who possesses Indian sensibility. To attain salvation, women desire to die here. Mahapatra uses landscape theme which includes sensibility and the connection with roots.

Same is the case with other Indian poets, whether it is Nissim Ezekiel or A. Ramanujan, an exception is hardly available. The language and the subject used by the poets reveal the experience earned by them. Beliefs, attitude, myths, allusion etc are the patterns used by the Indian poets. So nothing can be more inspirational for Indians other than India.Indian culture is the best like gold.

India hath need of cultured men. A gun or bomb may convert into a pen. Educated men have a royal hold. All women must be literate and bold. And all dress as per their religions. Way of living depends upon their regions. Old is gold as we have been told.

We all live here with our fore - fathers! But we think as lucky and blessed. AS the citizen of India we are addressed. By humanity sake we Indian help to others.

poems on indian culture

So as all the states are our brothers. In the golden words Indian culture is expressed. It was very useful and helped me win English creative writing contest Report Reply.

It helped me to win a poem compedition Report Reply. It bought me the first prize in English writing Report Reply. Thanks for the poem. Report Reply. Share this poem:. Autoplay next video. Read this poem in other languages. This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. Death Death Death.

10 Most Famous Poems In Indian Literature

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poems on indian culture

Social Media. Delivering Poems Around The World.Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "indian-culture" Showing of Plucked from the lush gardens Of a yellowish-green paradise, Look inside this hypnotic gem And a kaleidoscope of Titillating, Soul-raising Sights and colors Will tease and seduce Your eyes and mind.

Tell me, sir. Have you ever heard A peacock sing? It's Tamil first, Indian later. Punjabi first, Indian later. It has to end. National anthem, national currency, national teams - still, we won't marry our children outside our state. How can this intolerance be good for our country?

The being sat in front of him and began firing questions rapidly at him. What is bigger than the Earth? What is taller than the sky? Yudhisthira smiled. What grows faster than hay? What is the secret to never feeling unhappy?

What is the greatest kind of wealth. What is man's worst enemy? A last question my friend. What is life's biggest irony? Every day, we encounter people dying but we always think that death will never come to us. But, take away their religion, they will fight till the last breath of their life. So of course eventually I bristled at the questions themselves. They seemed to stem from an obsessive political correctness that wished to brand every Western photographer working in Asia as a neo-colonialist, an ethnographer, or a culprit secretly advancing a hegemonic agenda.

Culture Of India - Poem by Ryson D'souza

The idea that people of one culture cannot create valid art in another I found ludicrous and restrictive to say the least. The moment you let politics invade your education system, you inadvertently welcome chaos into the future of young India.

Educational institutions have nothing to do with political propagandas. So, open your eyes, and throw any kind of political agenda out of your institutions.Cognitive carnal cravings of today satiated by poetry injecting its colourful relaxant. DESIblitz presents 7 must read poems by Indian poets.

Both classical and contemporary poets use their words to paint vivid portraits of emotion in our minds. Lusting after magical words has been quite the obsession for poets and readers alike. These poems sensually, skillfully and seductively arouse the passions and thoughts of a true appreciator. These poets have delicately displayed an array of genuine heartfelt emotions for the insatiable search of meaningful awakening. Adorned with a garland intrinsically sewn across Indian history.

From ploughed farmlands of the earth to the seas of the loins, the animalistic urges are hunted out into the open for us the readers to revel in.

भारतीय संस्कृति - Indian Culture in Hindi - Poetry

Her arms have the beauty of a gently moving bamboo. Her eyes are full of peace. She is far away, her place not easy to reach. My heart is frantic with haste, a ploughman with a single ox on land all wet and ready for seed.

poems on indian culture

This encompasses the sheer magnitude of desire and the urgency in which the ploughman wants to satisfy his longing for her. The reader is drawn in by the gentle calming qualities likened to swaying bamboo, contrasted by the ploughing of the wet heavy soil.

I would ask for still more, if I had the sky with all its stars, and the world with its endless riches; but I would be content with the smallest corner of this earth if only she were mine. Materialistic gain over the emotional satisfaction of love is immeasurable. The words send a chilling reminder of human yearning. I will begin — but how should I begin?

And I will close — but is this fair? The aftertaste of experience lingers in the thoughts. Bewilderment of its finality brings forward both sadness and lust for more.

Wild temptations to ravage are dangled. Ezekiel escorts the reader to a room they do not wish to leave. This is the tale of fire — the tale you told me. My life was like a cigarette and it was I you lit. In this my body, your breath moved. The soil bore witness to the rising coils of smoke. Life, like a cigarette has burned down the fragrance of my love — one part mingled in your breath, the other drifts away into the air ….

See, this is the last butt. So the fire of my love may not scorch them, let it drop from your fingertips. Forget about my life just be wary of that fire. Save your hand. Full of passion and anger the reminiscing of a past relationship can be visualised with such ease as you douse that cigarette butt.

Fond husband, ancient settler in the mind, Old fat spider, weaving webs of bewilderment, Be kind.

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