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The prepaid wireless carriers all require prepayment for pins, which can be an expensive proposition if you want to stock all the carriers and all their respective denominations. With the EZ Prepaid system, we take most of that expense and management out of the equation.

Prepaid wireless continues to gain popularity as more and more consumers choose the freedom of prepaid for their wireless needs. Now you can meet the growing demand of consumers who choose to prepay for wireless airtime. We also enable the sale of handsets activated at the point of sale, allowing you to offer these products from leading providers with significantly reduced fraud risk. Prepaid Wireless eliminates your hard card inventory and gives you back your valuable shelf space.

This means additional revenue for you. If you're not using these cutting edge solutions in your business, you're letting LOADS of your customer repeat business walk-out your business door. Now you can become a prepaid distribution center for the nation's leading wireless carriers with EZ Prepaid Prepaid Airtime solutions. We feature prepaid airtime top up for all major wireless providers and a number of regional providers.

No Inventory Needed. Prevent Employee Theft or Fraud. No Long Term Lease. No Hidden Cost. Track Employee Sales. Complete Reports of All Transactions. Prepaid Solutions! Prepaid Services. Prepaid Wireless The prepaid wireless carriers all require prepayment for pins, which can be an expensive proposition if you want to stock all the carriers and all their respective denominations. Benefits: No Inventory Needed. Retail Solutions.Each year, consumers spend billions of dollars on calling cards.

These cards allow those without international calling plans, or those seeking to avoid higher rates through their plans, to place calls overseas. New immigrants or international travelers often use them to place calls to loved ones. The card price constitutes a pre-payment on minutes, though the number of minutes depends on the country the user calls as well as any fees that may deplete the card balance.

phone card distributors

To use the calling card, you call the number on the back of the card, then follow prompts to enter a personal identification number PINfollowed by the international prefix and phone number the person seeks to call. New immigrants, international business people and world travelers are just some of the many potential users, using them to call back home to friends and family.

To use the calling card, you call the number on the back of the card and follow the prompts to enter a personal identification number PINfollowed by the international prefix and phone number the person wishes to call. Calling cards are often available in local convenience stores, gas stations, and newspaper stands.

However, different types of fees, such as weekly fees for owning the card, connection fees, hang-up fees, can deplete available funds from the money paid for a card.

Those fees by law must be disclosed at the point of purchase, so understanding the value of your purchase requires careful attention to the terms on the calling card or its packaging. Hidden fees are a huge downside of using a calling card. Just as with a physical calling card, you should review the terms and conditions of usage. Finally, apps are available for your iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone.

phone card distributors

Again, usage fees will vary among providers, with some charging additional fees for connecting a call, ending a call, and the like. Check the terms for each service to find the right choice for you, but generally speaking the transparency of such providers usually provides much better peace of mind. What is the best way to call Pakistan from the UK? Category: International Calling. Shocking increased call rates to Pakistan Category: International Calling.

Toggle navigation x. The International Calling Guide. Purchasing a Calling Card Calling cards are often available in local convenience stores, gas stations, and newspaper stands. Advertisement Which country would you like to call? Related articles See more 1.Did you know when you buy a phone card at your local mini-mart or at the grocery you are buying it from a third-party? That means that store bought it from someone who bought it from the original provider.

It also means lots of mark up on the phone card for you. At CallingCardPlus. We list nearly every single phone card available, rate and rank them, then sell them directly to you from the provider so you can experience the biggest savings possible. In addition, we provide a wide selection of prepaid wholesale calling cards. If you need to provide phone cards to a large number of people outside of a retail location, there are several prepaid wholesale phone card options available at CallingCardPlus.

What can you do with prepaid wholesale calling cards? You could buy a wholesale prepaid phone card for everyone in your company before you go on a company retreat to avoid long distance charges when they call home, or buy a wholesale phone card for all your biggest travelers to cut down on business expenses when employees go on business trips.

Many cruise companies and travel agencies buy wholesale calling cards to hand out to their customers. If you owned a restaurant or a retail company, you could find a good wholesale phone card that would be useful for most residents in your area, then hand them out to customers who buy a certain product or come in on a certain day. They are a great way to bring in new business! If you need a large number of phone cards at wholesale prices just let us know and we can find the best calling plan or calling card for your needs.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at and find out what we can do for you! What is a Wholesale Phone Card? Bookmark this page Tell a friend.

phone card distributors

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United States. Helena St. Helena - Cellular St. Kitts and Nevis St.Serving distributors since The Company Profile:. TPC delivers service to each and every part of the United States. TPC has high reputation and is recognized by consumers. TPC sells the most reliable and dependable cards to their customers wholesalers, distributors and. TPC a is major distributor of prepaid phone cards, wireless cards and pin-less programs.

phone card distributors

Over the years, our distributors, retailers and consumers have relied on us to provide dependable products at competitive prices. The Company has earned the reputation for providing high quality service to our customers and their needs.

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Application of NSP surcharges and fees have the effect of reducing total minutes on the card. Please read the NSP terms and conditions carefully.

Minutes are set and given by NSP may change their discretion and without notice. TPC is not liable for any services provided by NSP including but not limited to: rate changes, minutes determination, service fees of any kind, destination charges, call completion or other items that are within control of the NSP.

All customer service related issues should be directed to the NSP Customer Service phone number available on back of each card.

The card does not have cash value and it is non-refundable, not returnable. TPC is not responsible for lost, stolen or unauthorized use of this card. This card may be deactivated without advance notice if fraud or theft is suspected.


SkyTel Pinless Login. Past Projects. Click Here.International callers beware. Phone cards may seem like a cheap way to make an overseas call, but it's hard to tell whether you're really getting their money's worth. That's what our most detailed study yet of prepaid phone cards used for international calling revealed.

Our secret shoppers bought over cards in more than two dozen shops throughout New York statebuying them at stores ranging from bodegas to gas stations to national chains. New York state, which has a large immigrant population, is one of the areas where phone cards are most popular.

Prepaid phone cards are prevalent in immigrant communities, particularly among Hispanics. They provide an inexpensive connection to family and friends in immigrants' home countries—no credit card required.

Calls can also be substantially less expensive than those made from a standard landline phone. But our shoppers found that about three-quarters of the phone cards they bought didn't disclose calling rates. And, given the multitude of murky fees and surcharges imposed by many of the cards, being an informed buyer is nearly impossible. What callers get can vary big-time. When we tried to call JTI's customer service number, each time we got only a seconds-long recording: "Thank you.

Some cards imposed fees and sapped the value of a card before we actually completed a call. Other cards listed fees and surcharges that weren't imposed when we actually called. In recent years government agencies and independent groups have charged some phone-card issuers with problematic marketing practices, such as failure to provide the full number of advertised minutes and imposing hidden or confusing fees that can sap the value of cards before they are fully used.

Our report on phone cards found that cards failed to properly disclose maintenance and other fees. Generally, you get all the minutes claimed for a card only when you use it for a single call. Otherwise, the value of the cards can be eaten up in fees and surcharges instead of actual time spent calling friends and family.

Eliot Engel D-N. But the phone-card industry defends its record. Gene Retske, executive director of a newly formed trade association of prepaid-phone-call providers, said problems tend to be "minuscule" compared to the size of the business.

So the consumers typically don't have a problem with that, " said Retske. Regular users of phone cards we spoke to had a different view, seeming resigned to the fact that many cards were going to provide fewer minutes than they advertised. We've created a guide in eight languages to help you, a family member, or a friend or colleague navigate the confusing world of prepaid phone cards.

Check out the Spanish version of this investigative report. In some stores, particularly the chain stores, we found the cards on wall racks or spinning racks where we were able to examine them before buying. In many stores, however, the cards were on racks behind the counter and we had to ask to see the cards before buying them. Card buyers told us that they often rely on store clerks to recommend cards. In some of the smaller stores we found the clerks to be somewhat knowledgeable about the cards and could point us to the newer ones or ones that might be better for calling a particular destination.

In many other stores, particularly the chain stores, there was little assistance available in choosing cards. When a shopper asked for help picking a card to call a family member in Belgium, one store clerk asked where Belgium was. Card issuers often bring new cards to market to replace older ones; in some cases cards we saw on our first visit to the store weren't available when we went back a few weeks later.So you want to become a prepaid cell phone store owner? Well then, let me say welcome to this wonderful industry.

Yes there can be tons of money to b Google My Business for your store. Google Fi confirmed last year that it will offer 5G mobile service to its customers thanks to partnerships with Sprint and T-Mobile. Earlier this week, Boom! It looks like the MVNO is on a roll as it launches another plan. Today, Boom!

This plan, called the Xtreme T-Mobile is not commenting on reports that the company has laid off a number of employees in the Metro by T-Mobile prepaid business. The four largest U.

Where to Buy Reliable International Calling Cards

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The Future of International Calling Cards

Read More. Click here to visit our Forums. Click here to visit Dealer Links. News, Rumors, and Articles. T-Mobile reveals new leaders once Sprint deal closes. March 13, Neville Ray will continue as president of Technology, California AG reaches settlement with T-Mobile. March 12, California, along with New York, led a c March 6, Are you looking for a profitable new line of revenue? You can achieve this easily by purchasing batches of wholesale prepaid phone PINs at a low cost, and reselling them at retail prices.

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There is a very high return on investment for wholesale phone cards, since the cost for bulk buys is quite low compared to the market price. The process is simple — just acquire a low, wholesale price on prepaid phone cards, then distribute the phone cards for sale. This is a quick startup business with incredibly fast growth potential. The market for international prepaid phone cards is enormous, so you will have a ready and eager audience if you advertise that you have international prepaid phone cards for sale.

We are one of the best companies to deal with if you decide to buy and sell wholesale phone card PINS. We also provide free support to customers who are distributing our wholesale prepaid phone cards, so you have built-in backup at all times. You will be amazed at the demand for local and international phone cards. Your inventory will sell quickly, providing you with the chance to turn a profit, reinvest, and keep making money! There is very little seasonal change in the demand, because people want to connect with friends and loved ones year round.

Wholesale prepaid phone cards are an excellent business opportunity for just about anyone who is interested; there is no experience required to become a distributor, and once you sign up, your phone card business is off and running.

You will have a global market, since our cards work from nearly anywhere in the world, so sell them in any region you choose. All you need to be a successful wholesale phone card distributor is the desire to succeed! GlobalTel provides inmate calling services to inmate families and friends. GlobalTel also provides U. Sign Up Login. Get started today and complete our wholesale agent form!

About Us GlobalTel provides inmate calling services to inmate families and friends. All Rights Reserved.

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